An Old Front Door

Out with the new and in with the old!

June 29, 2024

We have reinstated the original early 19th Century oak studded doors to the entrance of the castle’s main event room, the Ballroom. These have been languishing in storage since they were replaced by Jobling’s (Pyrex glass) in the 1960s. Each door weighs over 100kg so lots of heavy lifting was needed. We are indebted to the team who braved taking this on!

<doors_open.jpg> <grandstairs_doors.jpg> <doors_shut_outside.jpg>

The white framed glass doors, familiar to those who have visited before, have been repurposed. They now form the screen and door between the Ballroom and Grand Stairs, showcasing this beautiful space. The glass allows natural light from the Grand Stairs to flow into the Ballroom as was the original intention. In fact, a recurring theme we see in Paterson’s 1820s design work at Brancepeth Castle is borrowing natural light.

“Moving the glass doors to the Grand Stairs is what makes it. It allows the light through. A brilliant job. Looks simply stunning!”

We are really enjoying working on restoring this area of the castle. Renovations in 2018 reinstated the Grand Stairs bronze lantern and removed the tarpaulin covering the roof which had kept this amazing space in darkness for many years. The large Jobling’s cooling fan that was removed is on display in the castle courtyard.

This space will be open and in use for the first time in our 2024 Summer Craft Fair, 26th-28th July. Or, if you can’t wait, come and see it on one of our three July tours.

<pyrex_doors_down.jpg> <doors_stored.jpg> <grandstairs_doory_knock.jpg>